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In the world of SEO, Screaming Frog has established itself as a reliable and powerful tool for website analysis. With its latest update, version 16.0 for 2023, Screaming Frog has introduced several exciting features and improvements. This article will delve into the details of the new update. Explore the improvements users can expect. as well as the benefits you can get from SEO experts and website owners.

Screaming Frog Crack

What is the howler frog?

Screaming Frog is a powerful SEO spider tool that allows users to crawl websites and collect data to analyze different aspects of their online presence. By simulating search engine behavior, Screaming Frog provides valuable information about website performance. Potential issues and opportunities for improvement Help SEO professionals and website owners identify technical errors, broken links, duplicate content, and other factors. That can affect search engine rankings.

Importance of SEO audits

Regular SEO audits are essential to maintain and improve the visibility of the website. By conducting extensive research, businesses can identify areas that need attention and take proactive steps to optimize their online presence. SEO audits help uncover technical issues. Improve Website Usability Improve Your Keyword Targeting and Overall Search Engine Optimization Screaming Frog plays a key role in making this review process easier and more efficient.

For me, the Swiss Army Knife is an SEO tool. From solving a serious SEO problem to finding a landing page after you’ve encountered a JavaScript search problem to solving a global SEO problem, Screaming Frog has become a valuable addition to my SEO tools. I recommend Frog Frog to anyone involved in SEO. Screaming Frog Web Crawler is one of the great tools I turn to when researching on the web. It saves time when I want to research the structure of a website or put a list of things on a website. I can capture the value of a website in meeting a new audience or social needs.

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You will receive a deposit key, not a split, which will allow you to sign up without having to pay a lot of money to use the application. In my opinion, the Screaming Frog SEO Spider is the “go” tool for first-time SEO analysts and has proven to be fast: expensive, lightweight, and low cost. I couldn’t have offered it more. Of the many tools we use at iPullRank, I can clearly say that this is the Screaming Frog SEO Spider I use every day.

It’s amazingly rich in features, fast, and I always find new use cases. I can’t support him. I’ve tried almost every SEO tool hitting the market, but I can’t think of anything I use more often than Screaming Frog. The price is more than 12000 rubles. In general, after the startup, the Internet address requirement can be defined. Only your area can read it quickly, press the Start button, and wait for the whole process.

Key Features:

  • Errors – Client errors such as broken links & server errors (No responses, 4XX client & 5XX server errors).
  • Redirects – Permanent, temporary, JavaScript redirects & meta refreshes.
  • Blocked URLs – View & audit URLs disallowed by the robots.txt protocol.
  • Blocked Resources – View & audit blocked resources in rendering mode.
  • External Links – View all external links, their status codes, and source pages.
  • Security – Discover insecure pages, mixed content, insecure forms, missing security headers, and more.
  • URI Issues – Non-ASCII characters, underscores, uppercase characters, parameters, or long URLs.
  • Duplicate Pages – Discover exact and near-duplicate pages using advanced algorithmic checks.
  • Page Titles – Missing, duplicate, long, short, or multiple title elements.
  • Meta Description – Missing, duplicate, long, short, or multiple descriptions.
  • Meta Keywords – Mainly for reference or regional search engines, as Google does not use them, Bing, or Yahoo.
  • File Size – Size of URLs & images.
  • Response Time – View how long pages take to respond to requests.
  • Last-Modified Header – View the last modified date in the HTTP header.
  • Crawl Depth – View how deep a URL is within a website’s architecture.
  • Word Count – Analyse the number of words on every page.
  • H1 – Missing, duplicate, long, short, or multiple headings.
  • H2 – Missing, duplicate, long, short, or multiple headings
  • Meta Robots – Index, noindex, follow, nofollow, noarchive, nosnippet, etc.
  • Meta Refresh – Including target page and time delay.
  • Canonicals – Link elements & canonical HTTP headers.
  • X-Robots-Tag – See directives issued via the HTTP Header.
  • Pagination – View rel=“next” and rel=“rev” attributes.
  • Follow & Nofollow – View meta nofollow and nofollow link attributes.
  • Redirect Chains – Discover redirect chains and loops.
  • hreflang Attributes – Audit missing confirmation links, inconsistent & incorrect language codes, non-canonical hreflang, and more.
  • Outlinks – View all pages a URL links out to, as well as resources.
  • Anchor Text – All link text. Alt text from images with links.

More Features:

  • XML Sitemap Generation – Create an XML sitemap and an image sitemap using the SEO spider.
  • Custom robots.txt – Download, edit, and test a site’s robots.txt using the new custom robots.txt.
  • Rendered Screen Shots – Fetch, view, and analyze the rendered pages crawled.
  • Store & View HTML & Rendered HTML – Essential for analysing the DOM.
  • AMP Crawling & Validation – Crawl AMP URLs and validate them using the official integrated AMP Validator.
  • XML Sitemap Analysis – Crawl an XML Sitemap independently or part of a crawl to find missing, non-indexable, and orphan pages.
  • Visualizations – Analyse the website’s internal linking and URL structure, using the crawl and directory tree force-directed diagrams and tree graphs.
  • Structured Data & Validation – Extract & validate structured data against specifications and Google search features.
  • Spelling & Grammar – Spell & grammar check your website in over 25 different languages.
  • Custom Extraction – Scrape any data from the HTML of a URL using XPath, CSS Path selectors, or regex.
  • Google Analytics Integration – Connect to the Google Analytics API and pull in user and conversion data directly during a crawl.
  • Google Search Console Integration – Connect to the Google Search Analytics API and collect impression, click, and average position data against URLs.
  • PageSpeed Insights Integration – Connect to the PSI API for Lighthouse metrics, speed opportunities, diagnostics, and Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) data at scale.
  • External Link Metrics – Pull external link metrics from Majestic, Ahrefs, and Moz APIs into a crawl to perform content audits or profile links.

What’s New?

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