O&O SafeErase Professional Crack

O&O SafeErase Professional, the leading data erasure software ensures your confidential information cannot be recovered by any means. Our product allows us to securely erase data from various storage devices like HDD, SSD, USB, etc. In an increasingly digital world. The protection of our personal data has become an absolute priority.

It is important to ensure that all your sensitive data is removed. O&O SafeErase is a powerful data erasure tool that goes beyond the standard erasure function. It provides a safe and reliable way to delete your data. This article explores the features and benefits of O&O SafeErase, which can help you protect your privacy and increase the security of your data.

O&O SafeErase Professional Crack

O&O SafeErase Professional Download

O&O SafeErase is software that allows users to safely and permanently delete files, folders, and other data from their computers. This ensures that the data cannot be recovered by any means, even using data recovery software. O&O SafeErase is available in free and paid versions. The free version offers basic features including secure file deletion, the ability to securely erase free disk space, and the ability to securely erase internet traces and temporary files.

Provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to delete data from their computers easily and securely. Users can choose from a variety of erasure methods, including. O&O SafeErase is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7, and Windows Server and can be used to securely erase data from various storage devices including hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, and memory cards. In a nutshell, O&O SafeErase is a reliable and easy-to-use software that provides a secure and permanent way to erase data from a computer.

O&O SafeErase Professional For Window

O&O SafeErase Professional for Windows is a paid version of O&O SafeErase software that provides additional features and enhanced security options. In addition to the features available in the free version, O&O SafeErase Professional includes a wide range of advanced erasure methods, such as DoD 5220.22-M ECE, the Peter Gutmann method, and the Russian GOST standard. It also offers the ability to securely erase partitions or entire disks, as well as the ability to create custom-erase profiles.

Delete A File From Your Computer

When you delete a file from your computer or other storage device. The file will never really go away. The operating system only removes file references. Make that space reusable. The original data can be restored using special software until it is overwritten. This poses a great risk. This is especially true when it comes to sensitive information, such as financial records, passwords, or personal documents. This ensures that the data is completely removed. Therefore, secure removal is essential.

Importance of O&O SafeErase

O&O SafeErase is complete data erasure software designed to delete files. Internet browsing and other confidential information Permanently leave your computer. with advanced algorithms and customizable deletion methods Provide powerful solutions for data privacy and security.

Advanced data erasure method

O&O SafeErase uses advanced erasure techniques such as the Gutmann method and the DoD 5220.22-M standard to overwrite data multiple times. By using these methods it ensures that even the most sophisticated data recovery tools cannot rebuild the deleted files.

Secure Erase Solid State Drives (SSDs)

SSDs differ from traditional hard drives in that they store different data. Rendering standard erasure methods ineffective O&O SafeErase addresses this challenge by providing a special algorithm that can securely erase data on SSDs. It takes into account the characteristics of SSDs, such as wear and tear and garbage collection. This ensures that all data is erased from the drive without a trace.

Prevention of identity theft

Identity theft is a growing problem in today’s digital landscape. Abandoned computers or storage devices can become a gold mine for identity theft if proper erasure measures are not taken. O&O SafeErase provides comprehensive protection against identity theft by securely erasing personal information. including browsing history, cookies, and temporary files. Eliminating these traces greatly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your sensitive data.

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Advance Key Features O&O SafeErase:

O&O SafeErase has a number of features that make it a reliable and easy-to-use data erasure tool. Let’s explore some of the key features:

  • Deletion of files
    With O&O SafeErase you can permanently delete individual files or entire folders. This feature is especially useful when you want to get rid of sensitive documents. private photos or sensitive work-related files by safely deleting these files. You can rest easy knowing that these files cannot be recovered.
  • Internet security
    In addition to deleting files, O&O SafeErase also offers Internet security features to protect your privacy online. You can delete browser data such as cookies, cache, and browsing history. from popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. This ensures that your online activities remain private and cannot be traced back to you.
  • SSD Optimization
    O&O SafeErase does not only focus on data removal. but it also improves the performance of your SSD. by securely removing unnecessary data and traces Free up valuable storage space and improves the speed and overall performance of your SSD.
  • System cleaning
    Over time Your computer accumulates temporary files, registry files, and other system junk that can affect performance. O&O SafeErase has system cleanup capabilities. It allows you to remove these unnecessary files. and improve the speed and stability of your system.
  • Customizable removal methods
    All data erasure requirements are unique and O&O SafeErase knows this very well. There is a customizable removal method. Giving you the flexibility to choose a security level and overwrite scheme based on your specific needs. Whether you need a quick removal or a more efficient removal process.

Key Features:

  • An impressive application that makes deleting data on your computer easy and safe.
  • It has a well-organized, user-friendly interface.
  • This allows you to scan files on your computer that contain confidential or private information.
  • You can quickly complete the scanning process.
  • You can print the report or save it in HTML file format.
  • Provides batch processing support.
  • Permanent deletion of files, folders, memory cards, and USB sticks Erase the entire computer.
  • No bootable media is required.
  • Clear internet Traces and temporary program files.
  • Six ways to permanently delete sensitive data.
  • Detailed report to prove deletion.
  • Your private photos and confidential documents can easily fall into the wrong hands.
  • When you sell, give away or dispose of your old PC or hard drive.
  • Identity theft is a pervasive security threat.
  • Even formatting the hard drive is not enough to permanently erase data.

O&O SafeErase Professional Crack


Is O&O SafeErase Professional easy to use for beginners?

O&O SafeErase Professional may not be the most intuitive for beginners as it has advanced features and functions that require some technical knowledge. However, it does offer a user-friendly interface and provides step-by-step guidance for data deletion processes.

How does O&O SafeErase Professional cost, free options?

O&O SafeErase Professional is a paid software with a one-time cost for a license. The cost may vary depending on the edition and number of licenses you need, but you can typically expect to pay around $30 to $50 per license.

What’s New?

  • Improve the management and reporting activities.
  • Clear bookmarks and internet history.
  • Improved SSD detection (TRIM).
  • New intuitive interface and professional tools.
  • Stability and performance improvements.
  • New support for the new.
  • Net Framework Bug fixes and other improvements.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM or more
  • Hard Disk Space: 150 MB of free space
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later

How To Use:

  1. Easy download from cracksofter.com at manage.
  2. O&O SafeErase Professional irrevocably deletes your sensitive files using known methods.
  3. Choose your plan and download the app for your computer or mobile device.
  4. Set up your service.
  5. The apps are quick and easy to set up.
  6. Connect to a server.
  7. Connect to any of 94 countries and enjoy the Internet with privacy and security.


O&O SafeErase Professional is a software tool design for securely deleting files, folders, and other data from a computer’s hard drive or other storage devices. The software uses advanced algorithms to overwrite the data multiple times, making it virtually impossible to recover the deleted data. Professional offers a range of features, including a file shredder that enables users to permanently delete individual files or entire directories, a disk wiper that can securely erase entire hard drives, and a free space cleaner that can remove traces of previously deleted data from the computer. The software also includes scheduling options and command-line support for automating secure data deletion tasks.

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