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Clip Studio Paint Digital artists and designers need reliable, feature-rich software to unleash their creativity. Clip Studio EX has gained popularity due to its versatility and functionality. However, the cost of the premium version may discourage some users from reaching their full potential. This article explores the availability of the Clip Studio  EX cracked version for free download in 2023. Clip Studio is a powerful digital art software developed by Celsys, and widely used by professional artists, illustrators, and animators. It offers a comprehensive set of tools and features that allow users to digitally create stunning artwork, animation, manga, and animation.

Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint EX is a complete digital art software developed by Celsius. It provides artists with various tools and features to create engaging illustrations, comics, cartoons, and manga. It is a professional software application that allows you to sharpen, modify, and enhance the appearance of your The successor to Manga Studio is an essential graphics software and application powered by the creators of manga, comics, and anime.

When you download and install a program named “Clip Studio Paint Crack”, you should be aware that this is an unsafe and illegal way to obtain The world leader in comic and manga creation software, a complete solution for impressing… It comes with special effects and the latest ringtones, which will make your work more interesting. It looks professional. Software piracy is an infringement of copyright rules, and if caught, is the world’s leading manga and comic creation software, providing powerful art tools for everyone It is the best-advanced drawing tool for creating various things like manga, comics, and illustrations. It is the most useful 2D animation and illustration tool for professional digital creators. Its EX version includes…

Clip Studio Paint Customizable Brushes and Tools

The program provides a wide range of brushes and tools that can be customized to meet the artist’s specific needs. These brushes mimic traditional art materials such as pencils, pens, and watercolors, allowing artists to achieve realistic effects.

Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint Vector Tools

Clip Studio Paint EX provides vector-based drawing tools that allow artists to create sharp, scalable illustrations. This feature ensures that artwork remains crisp and clear, even when it is resized or printed in large formats.

Clip Studio Paint 3D Models and Materials

The software includes a library of 3D models and materials that artists can use as a reference or incorporate directly into their artwork. This feature saves time and adds depth and realism to creations.

Clip Studio Paint Animation Support

Clip Studio Paint EX supports frame-by-frame animation, allowing artists to bring their artwork to life. The program provides an intuitive timeline and onion skinning feature to simplify the animation process.

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Key Features:

  • Versatile Brush Engine provides a powerful and customizable brush engine, allowing artists to create unique brush strokes and textures.
  • It offers a vast selection of brush types and settings to achieve various effects, including watercolor, oil painting, pen, pencil, and airbrush.
  • Animation Support Clip Studio offers comprehensive animation tools, allowing artists to create 2D animations directly within the software.
  • It provides a timeline, onion skinning, keyframe animation, and various other features to facilitate the animation workflow.
  • This feature enables artists to explore different perspectives and angles easily.
  • These include panel layout tools, speech bubble generation, specialized comic effects, and a wide range of screen tones.
  • These features streamline the comic creation process and provide a comprehensive toolkit for comic artists.
  • It also provides a version for the iPad, allowing artists to work on their projects seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Community and Resources Clip Studio has a vibrant community of artists who actively share resources, tutorials, and tips on using the software.
  • This supportive community provides a valuable learning platform and inspires artists to explore new techniques and styles

What’s a New?

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, 11
  • 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • Does not work with the 64-bit version of XP or Vista
  • Does not work with Windows RT
  • Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit OS
  • 2 GB RAM recommended
  • 2 GB free hard disk space recommended
  • A graphic card with VRAM of 256MB or more and OpenGL 1.5 recommended
  • XGA (1024×768) or higher, WXGA (1280×768) or higher, 16-Bit color display or higher
  • Pen/Stylus Tablets – Wacom tablets (FAVO, Bamboo, Intuos, and Cintiq). Also known to work with Microsoft’s Surface Pro and other tablets.


Can you crack Clip Studio Paint?

Using the cracked version of Clip Studio Paint keygen downloaded from unofficial websites will cause a lot of trouble for your computer and even lead to legal trouble for you personally.

How do you get a free clip studio license?

START CLIP STUDIO PAINT. After starting Clip Studio, click PAINT.
Click Up to 3 months free for new users
Sign in with your Clip Studio account.
Get 30 days free!
Click Open Clip Studio Paint
I tick already have a license/register for a free trial.

Where can I buy the official version of Clip Studio Paint EX?

The official version of Studio Paint EX can be purchased from the official website or from authorized distributors.

Does Clip Studio Paint EX offer a trial?

Yes, Studio Paint EX offers a trial version with limited features, which allows users to try the software before purchasing.

Can I use Clip Studio Paint EX on multiple devices?

Studio Paint EX offers cross-device compatibility, allowing users to install and activate the software on multiple devices with a single license.


  1. Getting to know the interface Take some time to explore the various panels, tools, and menus in Studio Paint.
  2. Set your preferences, go to the File menu, and select Preferences to access the settings.
  3. Import or create a new canvas To start a new artwork, go to the File menu and select New to create a new canvas.
  4. Browse and Customize Brush Studio Paint offers a wide range of brushes to choose from.
  5. Using Layers Layers is an essential feature of digital art software, and  Studio Paint provides a robust layer system.
  6. Using the Clip Transform Tools Studio Paint provides a variety of transformation tools to resize, rotate, distort, or warp selected objects or entire layers.
  7. Explore 3D Possibilities If you want to work with 3D models, use the 3D Materials panel to import and manipulate 3D models in your artwork.


In this Blog Studio Paint EX is a powerful digital art software that provides artists and designers with a wide range of tools and features. While the cracked version may be tempting due to its free availability, it is necessary to consider the legal and security risks associated with using unauthorized software. To fully enjoy the benefits of  Studio Paint EX, it is recommended to purchase the official version and support the developers.

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